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    I was looking at some of the onilne IDEs, and I found, you can actually write an ASP MVC site, run it, and test it from your browser. That's cool.


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    Back in early 2005 this forum had a member who was a young'un (IIRC he was 14 at the time, his dad was a university VC or something) - he wrote a web application called "webdev" which was an in-browser IDE with editing, online file saving (source-control?), compilation/building, (and if you were trusted) server-side execution - it even had a fully-functional visual designer for Windows Forms - I felt it had a lot of promise and would be the eventual future of software development, but no-one ever used his application (he didn't like to advertise) and I feel bad when I see people doing the exact same thing, six years later, and getting all the credit for being 'original'.

    The horrible thing is I can't remember his username on here :o

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    Wow that's really impressive. It even has autocomplete.

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    Ion Todirel

    what, it can't do C++? boooo, it would've been quite useful if it was able to target different C++ compilers and see different outputs and error messages

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