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View Thread: Command line argument parser for .Net (updated)
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    Sven Groot

    For some reason this thread wasn't auto-locked, so I'm going to reuse it. Smiley

    As part of a back-log of stuff that I didn't quite manage to get out the door while I was writing up my Ph.D. thesis, I am now releasing an updated version of Ookii.CommandLine. It's only a small update, which adds command line argument aliases, some updates for usage help generation, and code snippets to help with creating argument classes.

    In addition, I used NuGet to create a symbols package and published it on SymbolSource, which you should apparently be able to use as a symbol server in Visual Studio without manually downloading the symbols.

    Check it out if you like. Or get the NuGet package (does not include the code snippets).