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Computer Consumer's Curve Circa 1994

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    A set of "Rules of Thumb - The Concise Computer Consumer's Guide" given in a book I purchased in 1994 titled "Computer Currents : Navigating Tomorrow's Technology" gave this advice for the Curve (computer consumer's curve) rule of thumb:

    "Most models of personal computers seem to have a life span of less than 10 years - if they survive the first year or two. If you want to minimize your financial risk, avoid buying a computer during those early years in a model's life, when little compatible software is available. Also avoid buying a computer that's over the hill; you'll know it because most software developers will have abandoned this model for greener CPUs. In the words of Alexander Pope, "Be not the first by whom the new are tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside." ".

    Many aspects of this rule, which I thought obsolete, seem to still be relevant, such as the developers abandonment when you consider a couple of competitors to Windows that developers have taken a big interest in. Yes, that would be Apps. The financial risk part is obsolete from an individual consumers perspective because costs are so low today in comparison.

    Windows 8 will be a big refresh for consumer interests as well as developer interest, as the Apps concept (Apps store and infrastructure) gets introduced to Windows.

    Don't forget, computers will still continue to evolve. Their computing power will be a thousand times more powerful than today sometime in the decade of the 2020's, and I am preparing for that future ( But I can't tell you what I am working on Wink ).

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    You should have published a few papers debunking AGW by then, right?

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