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Computer Scientist/Engineer, the "last" occupation to be automated?

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    I was just thinking. Assume we manage to automate more and more occupations. What would be the last occupation to not be automated?

    If you automate the work of a computer scientist, it's checkmate. You're done. That would be the end of it, because the automatic computer scientist would automate everything else.


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    Sven Groot

    Automating the work of computer scientists == machines that can improve themselves == the singularity

    I for one welcome our robot overlords.

    Seriously, I don't think any type of creative job is likely to be fully automated any time soon, which includes all types of science.

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    I have an automated computer scientist/engineer on my PC who writes assembly language programs for me according to my specifications ... Smiley

    And I don't think computer scientists can automate everything without the help of domain experts in the things they're automating!

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    @Sven Groot:

    So I think the way I see it is we kind of gave up general AI in the 80s. Instead the focus was on machine learning, which tackles the learning problem in a formal manner.

    The thing is, in the last maybe 10 or 20 years we got really good at machine learning. I mean algorithms using support vector machines take what was thought to be a intractable non-linear learning problems and make them tractable. This sort of thing didn't exist for the AI researchers of old.

    Deep learning is the hot new thing now, and it basically is attempting to take all we learned in ML and apply it to the AI problem. And you know, it's exploding. And there are some promising results already.

    So I think it might not be too far off that we crack the general AI problem. I'm betting on maybe late 2020s. Yeah it's stupid to make predictions but whatever. Smiley

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