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View Thread: Concurrency Safe C# from TSI/Midori team: Joe Duffy etc.
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    All this parallelism/concurrency discussion also remninded me of a great channel 9 video i watched 2 years ago of an interview of Corrinne Yu, shes a great graphics programmer and helped developer and chair some of the Direct3D api's .. Currently works as architect at 343 studios working on the latest HALO...

    She made some pretty impressive all encompasing quotes on future directions of GPU programming and programming in general that resonated with me.

    She talked about in 2010 how D3D had reached a level of maturity and that they were at a juncture where new paradigms in coding and parallelism and possibly new languages would emmerge, even calling out possible semantic attribute based changes like we see in the above mentioned papers.


    Its worth watching this video, she gets very excited and talks a million miles an hour BUT its worth listening to what she says, shes very very smart.

    Im hoping that all this "unmentioned" work that these papers mention is being done in the graphics space and hopefully its in XBox vNext, maybe throwing in some midori ...