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    Dr Herbie

    Congratulations Dr Sven.

    Are you going to change your C9 name? Big Smile

    Figuring out what to do next is often a tricky task after finishing a PhD; having been so focused on your goal you suddenly realise that there is an 'afterwards' and it's already arrived. On my graduation day, my mother said to me "Well, you've now spent 15 years chasing this PhD dream; what now?" And I thought "Oh, sh*t, I don't have a plan." So I would say you should take time and make a plan. Going from focusing on the target of getting a PhD to suddenly not having a target can be a major upset to your life, so set yourself a target and don't allow yourself to just drift.

    Given that your PhD is in a practical subject I would say the world is your oyster; you can go into postdoctoral research or you can go commercial (aka getting a real job).