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Cortana and Privacy

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    I have installed Windows 10 on my work laptop, happily I managed to find out that Cortana was disabled by group policy.

    I understand exactly the direction that Microsoft are going in terms of personal computing, and that AI is the next big bucket that they are investing in after the cloud and Azure. I tried to disable Cortana and was bewildered by the number of places that Windows is now tracking in Privacy settings (even if Cortana is off). Tuning Cortana off is like cancelling a credit card, where sometimes you are on the phone for hours before they understand what you said in the first minute of the conversation, "please cancel my credit card". This is unambiguous and clear.

    Can anyone please confirm if there is a single command or function that disables tracking completely in Windows, or is it built in a way that you cancel it in one place and be sure no data collection is occurring, and then by literally by opening a particular window or web form, it suddenly activates and you slowly are back to square one while using your computer innocently?

    I don't think it unreasonable to ask to have an operating system that you are completely in control of. With Google you know you are being watched when you search (I know a lot of people that use Bing for this very reason), but if it is now not possible at Microsoft, then I will have to consider permanently moving to another environment.

    I will not be updating my other computers or phones until some clarity is available.


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    A lot of privacy concerns in windows 10.  In the US, the NSA will keep all their hooks into anything you do anyway so don't count on any privacy. (unless Rand Paul gets elected).  

    But back to your question, there is no easy way to just turn off all tracking in windows 10 that I have found.  The OS is licensed to you,  you do not own it so when you agree to license terms you might be agreeing to some of your privacy being given up.

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    I went in to the "customize my settings" during setup because I had read about all of the privacy concerns over Windows 10. Most of them were the same as Windows 8.

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