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View Thread: Cringely: The real purpose of iCloud is to kill Windows
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    , ScanIAm wrote

    I don't have a WP7 so maybe I'm missing something.

    Join us!

    I seem to recall that the mesh beta included a visual list of machines that were part of your...uh...mesh.  I'd swear one of the options for a machine type was 'phone'.

    You are thinking of the old beta version that launched back in 2008... when Mesh was absorbed into Windows Live Essentials a few things changed... like mobile support.

    Is there a mesh component on WP7?


    If not, then I would expect that it would be an arduous process to get to the files since they aren't on the phone itself.

    You could always launch the website and manually get them... but that does kinda blow the purpose of easy device to device syncing... doubly so if you make changes to the file... which then get saved to SkyDrive and then cannot be easily synced back down to one of the PCs.