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View Thread: Cringely: The real purpose of iCloud is to kill Windows
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    , dahat wrote

    It is interesting though that Robert ignores Microsoft's foray into the cloud syncing market... Live Mesh (now Windows Live Mesh 2011)... and if we ever put some marketing behind it (and either tied it better to SkyDrive, or had it support WP7), it would have a better potential user base than iCloud ever could.

    I don't think this is going to happen because what we're seeing here is history repeating itself.

    Years ago, OS/2 users could not understand why IBM appeared to be almost willfully destroying any chance of the OS gaining any traction in the consumer market. The answer was pretty simple: other, more lucrative departments inside the company were making an absolute killing buidling services on top of Windows NT. Why would they jeopardise that just to support OS/2?

    Roll forward a decade and a bit, and we're seeing the same thing again: Apple's iCloud is Microsoft's goldmine. Aside from the money it will bring into the coffers for years to come, it will also provide some stealth marketing (is there such a thing?) to lure in other companies who are looking at the same kind of setup.

    Microsoft is not going to put all that at risk by promoting its own cloud service to consumers.