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View Thread: Cringely: The real purpose of iCloud is to kill Windows
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    @dahat: Well that's just because they screwed Live Mesh when they changed it to Windows Live Mesh 2011.

    I know the feeling of missing consistency. I'm sure the next update of Windows Live Skydrive (you can allready see the new header on will fix a lot of those issues. One single place to access all stuff (no mather if it are documents or photos) online.

    # Saving a file to skydrive from Office 2010 is easy. Opening one requires you to go to the skydrive website because you can not access Skydrive in any way in the Office client apps.

    # Hopefully Mango will improve the WP7 Skydrive experience.

    Consistency is missing, but I'm hoping it will arrive soon. At least the web part of Skydrive. The funny thing is iCloud does not contain any web part at all. Everything is via applications (mobile or OSX) and that's also not a good thing I think. Not to mention nobody has said if sharing via iCloud is even possible.