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Cross-platform rewrite of GNU coreutils in Rust

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    Rust is one of more interesting programming languages out there, IMO. Just a hint, no null type and memory is safe without a garbage collector.

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    @Bass: The syntax for "mutable borrow" makes me want to poke my eyes out, but it's an interesting memory safety mechanism. 

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    , cbae wrote

    @Bass: The syntax for "mutable borrow" makes me want to poke my eyes out

    I'm having problems determining if that's a bug or a feature.

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    Not sure what's the point, even after reading the "why" section of their readme. It seems like an exercise/showcase for Rust, nothing more.

    1. Notice that most new languages adopted the pascal style deceleration (reveresed) over C's
    2. Main difference between Go and Rust is GC. In Go it's mandatory, while rust gives you more options. In this sense Rust is lower level then Go, more of a systems language.

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