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    I am looking for input as to where to start.  I am an accountant by education, but the past few years I have been highly involved as a business analyst.  I have skills with Excel and VBA, and I have done a little coding in  Now I am sitting in my home office unemployed.  I am cautious for training as some look like the charge a small fortuine or do not have any credibility.

    I was thinking working the into a web based environment.


    Now what?  and sorry for my lack of knowledge, I will be asking a lot of questions.



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    In short what I would do if you wanted to get into software development is the following 5 step plan:

    1) Use your little VB knowledge to learn the basics of the .Net framework, either by book and playing around or by going on a course.

    2) Try to get some work on the side maybe doing some small websites to build up your real world experience. A good way is to work for free on your first few projects.

    3) Start applying for entry level developer positions or ANYTHING that would start you on that first rung of the software development ladder.

    4) Spend the next 5-10 years constantly learning and gaining experience. NEVER STOP LEARNING.

    5) Retire on on your yacht in Marbella next to your model wife and enjoy the rockstar software development lifestyle Smiley

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    Consider Silverlight -

    1. It will get you started in VB.Net (or better C#?)

    2. There are loads of good free training tutorials around (albeit mainly DIY)

    3. You can make some money on the side by developing Silverlight Apps from home for Windows Phone 7.

    Start by doing some beginner tutorials, stick at it, your confidence will grow and what seems impossible now will gradually reveal itself (with only a little pain!).

    NB The tools to get started are all bundled together nicely here you will find that there is little difference between building Silverlight Apps for the web and Silverlight apps for the phone - very cool.

    Also, imo there is little difference between VB.Net and C# - it is the framework that you will be learning, (the language is just the glue) - but at the moment you need C# to do wp7 Development - don't let that put you off!


    Best of luck, let us know what you decide and how you get on.

    You have a good background to get started.

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    Buy and read Code Complete. It's packed with useful info about how to approach software development.

    Download Visual Studio Express.

    Make a website. See what works, what doesn't. Start small. Look around for people wanting a website. Make it for them for free. Once you feel comfortable with things, start advertising your services. Charge a little less than what others are charging.

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    Only way to become a developer is by acting like a developer. No valid qualifications exist except maybe a degree (but even that depends greatly on where you go). As said above I would just start developing a few little applications and apply for jobs adding
    each project you do to your resume as you go...


    Also, doesn't an accountant make WAY more than a Software Developer?

    Software Developer: 50,635 - 61,983
    Accountant: 55,666 - 68,979

    Plus Software Developers stop earning more money after a certain amount, Accountants can earn into the millions.

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    Thanks, I am thinking the "Cloud" is the next frontier, and I just got a scholarship to a RGP/DB2 Summit.  I am stoked about the summit as I have experuance with VB and DB2

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