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View Thread: Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour
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    Maddus Mattus

    @cbae: not correct, only the wavelength is different, the energy has the same transport mechanism, radiation.

    For the radiation from the co2 in the atmosphere to be absorbed by the earth, it has to have a shorter wavelength then the radiation leaving the earth. It has to increase entropy. Because the co2 is a lower temperature then the surface, it emits radiation longer then the earth. Therefore the theory that radiation from co2 heats the planet, is nonsense.

    The atmosphere has three functions;

    1.  distribute heat around the planet
    2. create a lag on warming and cooling
    3. Raise the surface temperature by atmospheric pressure

    These three effects create a habitable planet and not co2 sending energy back to the planet.

    Ask any NASA engineer what the biggest problem in space is, cooling or warming. You will be surprised by the answer and you would be surprised by how resilient and efficient our climate system is.

    Yes, it is really that simple. Don't let these climate cahoots tell you otherwise. You are not messing up the planet by emitting co2. You do not have to pay Al Gore for his co2 certificates to enter heaven. It will still be waiting for you. If you want to conserve energy, fine, I'm all for that. I'm all for a cleaner environment. But co2 is not a pollutant, so we are diverting resources to a non issue that could be put to better use.