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    , Maddus Mattus wrote


    Now, I challenge you to do the same for amount of warming for a doubling of CO2.

    Challenge accepted:

    It cannot happen since the CO2 is the equivalent of the mirror. Therefore the greenhouse theory fails.

    CO2 was confirmed as a greenhouse gas 150 years ago - long before the climate change debate started in the late 1980s. The mechanics of how and why extra carbon dixiode in the atmosphere causes a temperature rise is trivial: CO2 absorbs infrared; then re-emits it.

    But only some of the re-emitted infrared goes outwards, and some inwards back towards the surface. That re-emission back down IS the greenhouse effect.

    The atmosphere of Venus is 97% carbon dioxide (CO2). Mercury has no atmosphere at all.

    The average surface temperature of Mercury is 440° K, with a maximum of 725° K during the day.
    Mercury gets 9126.6 W per square meter of energy from the Sun.

    The average surface temperature of Venus is 737° K, with no diurnal variation. So it's hotter than Mercury.
    Venus gets only 2613.9 Watts per square meter of energy from the Sun.

    Venus is hotter than Mercury despite getting  1/3 the solar energy that Mercury does because whilst most of the heat reaching the surface of Mercury is reflected directly back into space, most of the radiation reaching Venus is repeatedly recaptured and reflected back towards Venus whilst in Venus' atmosphere, leading to Venus being much hotter on average than Mercury.