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View Thread: Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour
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    Maddus Mattus


    Hogwash,. You can easily neglect the expansion of the universe when calculating the mass of a liter of water. Scientifically proven that my model works.

    Now, I challenge you to do the same for amount of warming for a doubling of CO2. Like proton2 said, they can't even get the sign for that number right,.

    And now you say I have to come up with a better model, otherwise theirs is true? That's the world in reverse. You claim something, you prove it,. And none of the proof I've seen thus far, adds up. It fails the most basic of tests.

    Here's an experiment you can try for yourself disproving global warming;

    Aim a regular light at a desk. Now try with a mirror to make the spot brighter then it already is by reflecting it's rays back.

    It's impossible.

    Because the mirror will light up the same as the spot on the table, therefore no flow will go from the mirror to the desk. You require a brighter spot on the mirror then on the desk.

    This is precisely what climate scientists claim. Sunlight is converted by the earth into long wave radiation and this radiation is being reflected by the CO2 back to the planet, causing additional warming, which gets reemitted, and on and on, till you have a runaway greenhouse effect.

    It cannot happen since the CO2 is the equivalent of the mirror. Therefore the greenhouse theory fails.