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View Thread: Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour
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    Maddus Mattus

    @Sven Groot:

    It holds more water then your claim that all real life objects behave as black bodies. Nowhere in nature can this effect be observed, yet you claim this to be true. It also holds more water then the bouncing radiation idea, or perpetuum mobile.

    As with my question, where is the work done in the climate to force the energy back down, you haven't provided answers. I have provided them, yet you continue to shake your head and deny the theory on the face of it. You are letting your emotions get in the way of your objective way of thinking.

    The greenhouse theory is not basic physics, because it violates the two basic thermodynamic physical laws;

    1. Conservation of energy
    2. Heat flows from hot to cold

    It violates law number one when they say radiation adds energy again and again to the climate. Surely you can only give off so much energy, to claim that this is somehow 'trapped', is nonsense.

    It violates law number two when they say a radiation from a cold body will give off energy to a body at a higher temperature. For this to be true, it has to be non spontaneous, there has to be additional work done. It has to increase entropy elsewhere to decrease entropy in the radiation cycle. As there is no second power source present in our climate system, it violates it. You can not radiate the same energy you absorb, there has to be a conversion (work). That's why the surface heats under the radiation of the sun, shortwave is absorbed, turned into work and then emitted as longwave.

    Prove these two points wrong, and I will concede.


    I don't give a hoot about skeptic's reputation, if something is plainly that wrong.