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View Thread: Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour
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    @Charles: A lot of people knowledgeable on the subject of climate change have read what Dyson has said on the topic and they agree with him, they say he is correct. Of course those on the activist side of the climate change issue do not agree with him.

    Here is an example of a climate scientist, Dr. Mike E Mann, fooling people into believing that the models have gotten it right:

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    It appears that no matter how much information I provide, I can not change some peoples mind here. Time will probably do that however. Time is probably the only way this issue will be resolved.

    I am convinced that I am right for various scientific reasons, that there will be little warming caused from CO2. For those still unconvinced, you might want to consider what if you are wrong, you will have egg on your face, so you should be careful.

    I am putting this to rest now, here, and revisit in say a couple of years. I could end up being wrong, we shall see.