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    What the heck:


    record profits and revenues, making xbox replace playstation as a household
    name, bing taking %30 of U.S market, Windows 8 success,

    recently his approval rating by his employees has skyrocketed, i wonder why?

    So many angry people spreading fud and misinformation.

    Microsoft puts Windows 8 out there, the best operating system on the planet that does everything from desktop to mobile,and all the android and apple lovers are so angry that they
    have been and are using something so inferior and cheap looking,that they start
    throwing skewed and flawed information to try to tarnish Windows 8's

    In the end though, Microsoft ALWAYS wins. ALWAYS. Even if they take their sweet time, they ALWAYS win.

    They are now entering the hardware market, and thats got every single tech company shivering in their boots


    I see a ton of Microsoft cultists now, they are getting way worse than the maccies and Linux aficionados (never thought this could be possible!) In fact they are MUCH worse - maccies are usually far less agressive and although the "freetards" are very agressive, I've got to admit that they pretend at least to "stick it to the man", while the microslaves want to serve the man with zeal apparently. So they are zealots AND corporate whores.

    Anyhow, this cultification is really worrying. MS used to be the most cult-free platform, now it's surpassing all of them in this regard.