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    , Proton2 wrote

    @Bass: That was hilarious. There is a very recent series of remakes that you can find here:

    This is getting boring.

    The debate over whether climate change is happening or not won't be solved on C9, so discussing it here is pretty pointless.

    For the record - other pointless discussions that won't be solved here include:

    * When will atheists realize they're wrong and accept that Jesus drove a humvee?

    * Is the US federal support for the communist agenda of evolution really just national pride by Obama, the Nigerian? And wouldn't the US debt be lower if he stopped handing out our taxes in billion dollar hand-outs via emails through the Nigerian national bank?

    * Why is so little scientific funding given to the study of whether earthquakes are caused by gay people?

    * How come nobody's noticed that all democrats have been hypnotised by communist illuminati-funded aliens who seek to rid us of our right to possess firearms to make their invasion plans easier?

    * When will scientists stop using liberally biased things like facts and math to prove things, when it's so obvious that gut-feelings are way better (I mean, gut feelings must beat math and facts at least 80% of the time I'd say)