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    Dr Herbie

    @Maddus Mattus: I have heard this argument before (aimed at my PhD, in fact).

    The view that science is entirely based on experiment is rather outdated.  There are many fields where this just does not happen; not all science is done in the laboratory.  Science has moved on from basic Chemistry and Physics which can be done in your garden shed, to fields where experimentation is not feasible, either due to time involved, or the size of the system under test.

    The field of Ethology, by definition, excludes experimentation.  It is based on observation only and is accepted as a science (Encyclopaedia Britannica describes it as a science).

    Astrophysics contains no experimentation; because planetary systems cannot realistically be experimented on.

    Was Einstein's work science?  He never did any experiments to prove E= mc^2, but he is generally accepted as a scientist.