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View Thread: DISCUSSION: .NET vs. C++ vs. JS, who's in the best position for Metro ?
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    ,DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    IMO, C++ is the winner because windiv is winning. It was quite clear from build that there is still a great division between windiv an devdiv. WinRT (COM with a little sugar) and Metro is what Microsoft is betting the farm on. They are both products of windiv and they seem to be running the show right now. C++ or Javascript...anything windiv controls is golden. Their architecture diagram says it all.

    Also IMO you will see more and more of .NET APIs being swallowed up by WinRT until .NET is relegated to apps akin to vb6 apps today.

    Actually WinDiv and DevDiv split the pot.  Windows came in and basically won the battle that you can't use the CLR for doing systems development.  They effectively rewrote the BCL as native code.  But DevDiv won the API story.  All the APIs look like DevDiv APIs, not WinDiv APIs (including Xaml as the markup for C++ apps even).  In one of the sessions the WinRT guy even said that the Windows API design review process is modeled from the DevDiv one. 

    I personally like the split.  I want the improved perf from more native code in the stack, but I did hate the Windows APIs, while the .NET APIs have been great.  And we still keep C#.  With that said, I'm not a super fan of Xaml.  I mean I like it, but if I could somehow bind HTML/CSS to C#, I'd happily use that too.