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View Thread: DISCUSSION: .NET vs. C++ vs. JS, who's in the best position for Metro ?
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    @DeathByVisualStudio:"To which I counter with "and throw out your app capatibility with it; your options on ARM will be limited to media, social, internet, and fart apps for some time."

    I agree with that statement completely.  Also, that power management killing my wireless connection is very annoying.  

    Also, they wasted so much on getting C++ to work with WINRT to make metro apps that they did not even implement the C++ new standard yet.   Who in the right mind would do a metro app in C++?   I use C++ in many places but I won't use it in that case. 

    I was somewhat disappointed at Build by their story with some of the Metro stuff.   I think this story will/should change but Microsoft is big and about alot of technologies which are very good.   I think Azure, Windows 7, boot time,  App Store, DirectX, C# /.NET is all good.