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View Thread: DISCUSSION: .NET vs. C++ vs. JS, who's in the best position for Metro ?
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    Lets say, here are 3 developers, each has been very familiar to one of the 3, now who is in the best position to write Metro-style apps/games for Win 8 ?

    C++ dev:

    1, need to learn a new 'language extension', and use a bunch of weird types in Platform:: namespace. not good.
    2, need to lean a new UI markup language and a whole stack of quite complex UI API. not good.
    3, can leverage DirectX and a lot of super powerful and performant libraries. good.
    4, need to compile for 3 architectures and upload them all to store (I guess). not so good.
    5, pure native performance. good.

    .NET dev:

    1, very natual language projection to WinRT, almost nothing to learn here. good.
    2, already familiar to XAML and the Avalon stack and used them for years. good.
    3, no XNA (yet). not so good.
    4, compile once and target all architectures. good.
    5, performance on ARM is unknown.

    JS dev:

    1, no new language or markup to learn, just a library. good.
    2, the idea of writing platform specific app may boggles mind. not so good.

    any more thoughts ?

    P.S. actually the one in the best position maybe the one with experiences in more than 1 world, right ?