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    , cbae wrote


    I speculated this from the start, and I'm more adamant about it now. Microsoft decided on embracing JavaScript as one of several methods of tooling to flatten the learning curve for new developers that Microsoft hopes to bring into the fold. 

    Well, Sinofsky was saying from the beginning that they need to embrace Javascript because of its huge popularity, but in reality, Javascript isn't anywhere near as popular as the IE team pictured it in order to convince the upper management to disembrace Silverlight.

    Not to mention, an IronPython-like implementation for .NET (with a fraction of the resources being spent on WinRT-JS, .NET-JS could have been made practically identical to Javascript) would have brought in roughly the same type of developers to Microsoft.

    And I seriously doubt Sinofsky didn't know these, it's more likely that they just would rather not have .NET get too successful, since it would mean a threat to their personal advancements within the company, considering they weren't exactly the ones who contributed to the creation and distribution of this platform.