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View Thread: Data Tethering WP7 (UK PAYG)
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    So I recently bought a WP7 smartphone and, currently being without internet connection at home, tried to tether it to my laptop so I could check my email etc on a "proper" computer. It turns out that O2 won't let me do that as I'm a pay as you go customer.

    Now this greatly, greatly annoys me - data is data, I pay for any data I use (I get a small allowance when I top up (by small I mean small, 500 mb) and any data I use on top of that I have to pay for at whatever O2's current PAYG rate is; so one way or another I pay for what I use). Why should O2 care what device is consuming that data so long as I'm paying for it (and since I'm a PAYG customer I'm not going to burn through excessive quantities of data at their expense while using a PC).

    So, my question is this: How can I trick O2 into thinking my PC is actually my phone (when in reality my phone is sharing it's data connection of an ad-hoc network)? I've tried directing my computer via O2's proxy, but that doesn't work. I can't find any way to configure the APN settings (which makes sense as my computer sees the phone as a router, not a modem), which I think could help solve the issue. Or is there a way to make a WP7 device show up as  a modem?

    And how do O2 know that I'm using my computer, rather than my phone anyway, unless there's some evil, evil conspiracy going on between Microsoft/Nokia and O2? Devil

    (And please don't suggest I get a contract since I generally don't use my phone enough to make that worthwhile AND it would mean succumbing to O2's saddistic plans to try and extract more money from me.)

    /rant over