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View Thread: Data Tethering WP7 (UK PAYG)
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    , kettch wrote

    @vesuvius:Tethering without an approved plan, even with an unlimited plan, is a dangerous path to walk. One misstep and they will charge you full price for every bit.

    I walked into the phone shop and the Salesman saw the $$ signs in front of him, and told me that I had unlimited data (when it was 500MB), I bought the phone, and after a month, they charged me a small fortune. I complained, saying they had sold me the phone deceptively.

    After a couple of calls to their customer service, and them giving me short-shrift, I went and left the phone in their shop, and told them to keep it, as they had lied to me. A few calls after, their management called me and offered me unlimited data, which I had 3 years ago, and still have today.

    I have come to realise that I could have had a career as a Solicitor/Lawyer had I not been a programmer.