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Dean Hachamovitch: IE9 Questions and Answers - The C9 Questions Thread

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    Dear Niners,

    IE9 beta has been out for a bit now and I know many of you have been using it regularly and you have many questions for the IE team. Fortunately for us, Dean Hachamovitch, the VP of IE (and a big fan of Channel 9 and Niner nation), wants to know what you want to know about IE9.

    This thread is therefore dedicated to you and your questions. I will take my camera and your questions/feedback to Dean's office and Channel 9 will happen Smiley 

    Like me, many of you are not shy about expressing your opinions (this is an excellent quality!). In this case, please do me a big favor and just ask quesitons or provide constructive feedback. Let's keep this thread very focused:questions for Dean about IE9.

    Dean is very excited to engage with you so please take advanage of this opportunity for you to drive a thoughtful, constructive, intelligent conversation about the future of browsing the web on Windows with the leader of IE. Dean is an engineer, so you can ask technical questions, too.

    On behalf of Dean, the IE team and Channel 9, thank you Niners!


    Ask questions,


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    1) Do you know about the favicon bug? It has been in IE since at least 3 versions. I mean the bug that shows you the wrong favicon for a website. It's not that it is not displaying it but it is displaying the wrong icon sometimes. Recently when I right clicked the pinned 'Channel 9' website it showed the logo next to the tasks in the jumplist.

    2) Will IE9 support the new input types for forms? ( date , email, ..) in HTML5? (don't know if it is in the standard allready).

    3) How you do personaly feel about the way the HTML 5 standard is progressing? It's talking such a long time to form, it's slowing down the evolution of the uniform internet and causing more and more fragmentation betwee browsers. Is it not?

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    Will IE support WebGL in the near future?

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    @Charles: Why is there no way to customize the chrome? Suppose I want to drag the favorites icon to the left and have tabs on a different row than the address bar. I can't do that now. Why not?

    Writing addons for IE is notoriously complicated. Has anything been done about that with IE9? If not, why not?

    What if the HTML5 standard changes/is finalized within IE9's lifetime and before IE10 is out. What's going to happen? A patch?

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    @Charles: With IE9 enabling scenarios, that previously required a plug-in like Silverlight, has the IE team established a roadmap that meshes well with the fast release cycle of Silverlight?

    And, has the existence of Silverlight, with it's purpose to quickly iterate through the concept-to-production loop, allowed the Internet Explorer team to focus on providing the best standards based experience, rather than the impossible task of trying to be all things to all people?

    EDIT: I just saw something in exoteric's post and wanted to expand the question. Windows 7 had a tremendous amount of telemetry captured from the beta users and that information was immensely valuable. Was or is there any telemetry data collected from current or past testers? I know that the web was scavenged to see what people were doing with Java *cough* ecmascript, but that's another question.



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    @Dean: All right, brace yourself:

    • How do you measure Internet Explorer stability and when it's ready for RTM?
    • Do you have a system in place for automated mass-testing Internet Explorer on the Web?
    • Does the beta have any kind of telemetry for latencies: when the GUI freezes, when a page takes a long time to load, etc.?
    • How many test cases do you have at present?
    • How do you see the future of Internet Explorer extensibility?
    • Internet Explorer 9 goes beyond tabs with nice taskbar integration - what's next? - Do you have other browsing metaphors in mind?
    • What do you think about Silverlight and the use of .NET in the browser?
    • Are you using PPL and ConcRT in Internet Explorer 9?
    • Now that Internet Explorer itself is hardware accellerated, isn't the next logical step to provide a means for Web programmers to program 3D models?
    • Where are the major security challenges?
    • What do you think the lifespan will be of the current Internet Explorer architechture?
    • What Web standard to you see as next candidates for implementation in Internet Explorer?
    • How do you determine what features to implement and not implement?
    • What do you think about Javascript as an application and/or framework language? Does the Web need a static language as well or is Javascript as an intermediate language Just Fine™?
    • What do you think about Google Native Client (NaCl), is that kind of sandboxing something you think is a path worth exploring?
    • What do you think about the soundness of Web standards today - do you see any of them being "phased out" and replaced?
    • Is XHTML out and why [not]?

    @Charles: Will we see some V**** news soon? Smiley

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    • Why does html5 allow non xml-compliant markup?
    • Will we be able to write javascript or .net plugins for IE? We need an easier way to interact deeply with the browser but writing native plugins is too difficult and accelerators can't go deep enough.

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    As per Bas... I find the fixed, minimal and reorganised control areas, to be annoying as all hell, and a total show-stopper. I will be defecting from IE if this remains as-is, as it makes my job harder.

    While it might be advantageous to save a few pixels of real estate on a net-book or phone, it is simply inappropriate for medium-large screen sizes. E.g. I use a 22” monitor, why would I want to make my life more difficult, just to save 1 or 2 cm of scroll region ?

    I know that everyone will have their own preferred solution, but for mine, it’s positionable docking regions (like Visual Studio) and dragable/dockable control-groups. Allow the user to configure it to suit their own preferences and requirements, rather than forcing some fixed configuration on them. Furthermore, allow the docking regions to pin and auto-hide, so they can still save real-estate as they see fit.

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    @elmer: The more people that stop using IE the better. I am really liking the direction the team has taken the product. Perhaps if less people are using it, then it will be a less attractive target for crapware producers and enablers like OEMs.


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    1) I'd like to hear about inner-politics at MS. Did anyone oppose IE team's new direction? Is WebGL considered a no-no because of DirectX?

    2) Why the lull of 2000-2010 WRT standards? Was it intentional or not? You know, many developers are angry about that. Well maybe not many, at least one Smiley


    -Meni, open (+patentless) standards fanboy

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    1. Will you support full CSS3 specifications in the future?

    2. Will we be able to put the tabs below the URL bar?

    3. IE9 breaks McAfee security center. Who will fix this?

    - Angelo

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    @Charles: There are certain windows 7 PCs that can't render pages in IE9 even though there are signs that the page was fully downloaded from the internet. Will IE9 team fix this issue?


    Will the IE9 team add uninstaller to the IE9 beta in case someone wants to revert to IE8 for any reason?

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    @laolusrael:This is an un-installer, and it works fine (for me anyway, I had to do it last week)

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    @laolusrael:it's an update that uninstalls

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    The tab pop out feature is nice but if you could pop it back in again that would be good too

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    Will IE9 support add-ons as Chrome or Firefox supports ?

    I dont mean add-ins which IE supports now,which needs administrative rights to install it whereas Firefox and chrome addons doesnt need it.

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    Why can't IE9 have an IE6 Document Mode?


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    I'd love to hear the about the decision process into the design and placement of the tabs for #IE9.  Mozilla hashed this out in a well thought out process and even posted a great video about why the changes were necessary.  Here is the link:

    Why did the IE team decide to go in a different direction?

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