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View Thread: Dean Hachamovitch: IE9 Questions and Answers - The C9 Questions Thread
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    1. Will we be able to move the tabs under the address bar in the final version. It seems a lot of people are asking for this but some reports on connect are being closed as "by design". If you are not giving us an option why not?

    2. Why does IE9 (and IE8) sometimes crash the whole UI even though tabs are running in their own processes? Will this be fixed?

    3. What's with the blurry text rendering? From the discussion on Connect it seems like it is some issue with the defaults of DirectWrite. Are you fixing this?

    4. Why not have better plugin system based on .NET (MEF?). MS is so big on dogfooding why not this time?

    5. Are we going to see more user centric features before the browser ships or you are just polishing?