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    @Charles: With IE9 enabling scenarios, that previously required a plug-in like Silverlight, has the IE team established a roadmap that meshes well with the fast release cycle of Silverlight?

    And, has the existence of Silverlight, with it's purpose to quickly iterate through the concept-to-production loop, allowed the Internet Explorer team to focus on providing the best standards based experience, rather than the impossible task of trying to be all things to all people?

    EDIT: I just saw something in exoteric's post and wanted to expand the question. Windows 7 had a tremendous amount of telemetry captured from the beta users and that information was immensely valuable. Was or is there any telemetry data collected from current or past testers? I know that the web was scavenged to see what people were doing with Java *cough* ecmascript, but that's another question.