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    1. Can the Home button moved to left of browser back/next buttons?  It's such a far distance from navigate back to nagivate all the way back to home... these should be side-by-side.

    2. I heard that there were reports that the favorites were rarely used so that feature wasn't improved.. it could be they weren't used much because the original design is bad.
    Can Favorites, History, Downloads and other such lists be made into tabbed pages that can be search/filtered like google chrome 6? ... rather than the many year old dialog?

    3. Can the search box be separated from the URL box?  Now I can no longer return to search from a different search engine.

    4. Can more meta data be added to favorite links such as number of visits to a site?.. etc.

    5. Can the URL box be made longer, I can no long see the complete URL.

    6. Can a Programmable API be added to select desired IE modes on the WebBrowser Control?