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    hi everyone!

    i'd just like to point out a few easy-to-implement features that would make life much easier:

    1. "copy image location" option on right clicking a picture. a few of my friends who blog and use forums went back to their old browsers bacause of that feature missing
    2. the download manager should have an auto-clear option for finished downloads
    3. you could easily fit another row of "your most popular sites" Smiley 

    ...and some bugs:

    • CSS is really messed up. almost every site i visited had it's layout broken in IE9. even facebook
    • (and MVC) + IE9 not working at all. had to use firefox for development. there's just a message "IE cannot display the page"
    • x86 version with ~5 tabs open used >600MB of RAM 
    • some javascript image presenters and rich text editors don't work. when you click on a tag shortcut it won't put the tag on the current cursor location (it puts the tag at the beggining)

    overall i'm digging the new browser, big improvement on IE8 and if the RTM gets some of the features mentioned + CSS/javascript errors fixed i could imagine a lot of users switch to IE9.