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    As per Bas... I find the fixed, minimal and reorganised control areas, to be annoying as all hell, and a total show-stopper. I will be defecting from IE if this remains as-is, as it makes my job harder.

    While it might be advantageous to save a few pixels of real estate on a net-book or phone, it is simply inappropriate for medium-large screen sizes. E.g. I use a 22” monitor, why would I want to make my life more difficult, just to save 1 or 2 cm of scroll region ?

    I know that everyone will have their own preferred solution, but for mine, it’s positionable docking regions (like Visual Studio) and dragable/dockable control-groups. Allow the user to configure it to suit their own preferences and requirements, rather than forcing some fixed configuration on them. Furthermore, allow the docking regions to pin and auto-hide, so they can still save real-estate as they see fit.