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View Thread: Dean Hachamovitch: IE9 Questions and Answers - The C9 Questions Thread
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    1) Do you know about the favicon bug? It has been in IE since at least 3 versions. I mean the bug that shows you the wrong favicon for a website. It's not that it is not displaying it but it is displaying the wrong icon sometimes. Recently when I right clicked the pinned 'Channel 9' website it showed the logo next to the tasks in the jumplist.

    2) Will IE9 support the new input types for forms? ( date , email, ..) in HTML5? (don't know if it is in the standard allready).

    3) How you do personaly feel about the way the HTML 5 standard is progressing? It's talking such a long time to form, it's slowing down the evolution of the uniform internet and causing more and more fragmentation betwee browsers. Is it not?