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View Thread: Dean Hachamovitch: IE9 Questions and Answers - The C9 Questions Thread
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    1) How many beta versions are you going to release until the final Internet Explorer 9 is released? Will there be any RC versions?

    2) When do you expect Internet Explorer 9 final will be released?

    3) Will there be a possibility to set popular sites permanently instead of changing them according to number of visiting?

    4) Will there be a possibility to have more popular sites than 10? I can have 25 favourite websites in Opera now but there are only 10 popular websites in IE9 beta.

    5) The Internet Explorer 9 Beta looks really good but there is a lot of unused space between adress bar and the edge of the monitor. Are you going to adjust it or interface is final?

    6) Will there be a possibility to control Internet Explorer 9 by mouse gestures? I'm used to on it in Opera and I would miss it in IE9.