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    Will Internet Explorer have Spell Checker? If not, why not? I mean the technology is there, in Windows Live Writer or Office, for example. If I use spell-check add-ons, my broser is prone to become slower.

    Do you plan to have IE score a 100 in the acid3 test?

    The purpose of the IE9 UI is to let the site shine and the frame blend in to the backgound. THe result is good...until we make a slight customization, like enabling the favorite bar or the command bar. Those toolbars do not blend in nicely to the background, and the icons of the command bar are bright, unlike the new home, favorite, and tools icons. Why does the command bar have redundant buttons, shuch as the home button. This ruins the browser's consistancies. Power users, like me, are discorouged from enabling the command bar simply because of the inconsistancies.

    Is it possible to restore the sitres that I deleated from the thumbnails in the new tab page?

    I am unable to give feedback from teh IE9 browser even though I have connected my user account with my Live ID. I have live wave 4 installed.

    The development cycles of the other browsers are very rapid. Google plans to release a stable version of Chrome ever six weeks. Do you think IE can "keep up"?

    Are you anxious to see if Mozilla actually sends in a cake to the IE team when IE9 ships? Smiley