Question 1

Why did IE team not  just copy Google Chrome's style Tabs? Currently, the IE9 design feels really cluttered and can't read my [Tab] titles.

I love Google Chrome style tabs because I can just move my mouse pointer to the *very* top of the screen without having to aim my pointer.

Question 2

Why is IE9 still NOT supporting [Ctrl] + [PgUp] and [Ctrl] + [PgDown] to switch between tabs?
I really hate that I can't use the *basic* simple keyboard shortcuts that all other Browsers seem to have.

Question 3

When IE9 is being worked on, did the IE team think about adding in AddOn support like FireFox?
No matter what, FireBug still is the #1 must-have web-developer AddOn.

Is HTML5 the only thing being focused on in IE9?