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    I am wondering if IE team will include FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) feature in IE9.  We are in information age and secure file transfer is a must.  FTPS is already published in RFC, so what they waiting for? Innovate for once!  IIS team included it in IIS FTP 7.0/7.5 server.

    I would like to reuse my search queries from history so I can either go back and perform search again or use it on another search engine as I did using the search box in IE8, but in IE9 having search and url address boxes combine into one makes it impossible to retrieve text queries from history.  Every time I choose the text query that I previously typed from history, it displays as url address and immediately head to the web site.  I would like an option that will keep the search and url address boxes seperate.  I really like the IE9 so keep up the good work.

    PS:  Hope the IE9 will pass Acid3 test with flying color when released.