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    My 2nd IE9 question in this thread: Will this be fixed (click image to enlarge)? There's no new feature in IE9 that would make me switch if this isn't fixed when it hits RTM.*

     (8800 GT 1 GB, w7 64 bit. Driver is 197.45 (04/2010) and not upgrading it because latest 200 series whql driver is Crash-sauce for some applications, it's possible it won't even report the crashes back to Nvidia since the crash are in the app)

    IE learns how to fuzzy up text from WPF

    * (save for the team giving away high-DPI 24-26" displays with CRT-like latency and color quality) Smiley

    PS. Connect shows this blurry/fuzzy text issue was reported when the first Preview came around, pre-empting the "too late!" that often is heard when reporting anything of substance during beta's in Connect.