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View Thread: Dean Hachamovitch: IE9 Questions and Answers - The C9 Questions Thread
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    1) The blue border of the IE developer element indicator is too hard to see.

    2) IE developer is kind of fugly.

    3) Wish to have a much simplier addon manager. I actually hope they are all exposed, like they will always show up on the toolbar, and only way to hide them is to click "disable" or "remove". And maybe show CPU and memory meter on each one of them (addon bar) if I turn on developer mode. If too much sceen spaces, entire toolbar panel can autohide (not individual addon). And they expend/show when mouse over. Prefer at bottom of browser, but. customizable to all 4 sides of browser.

    4) IE6, 7, 8, 9 modes, Doc 5, 7,8,9 modes. They are so confusing.

    5) Tabs don't have enough screen spaces.

    6) My favorites no longer at left. In IE9, I kept clicking Home by accident, instead of my Fav.


    7) is jump this support really necessary? feels pointless to me. I have never used jump list. I only used WMP preview play button.