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    Dear Niners,

    IE9 beta has been out for a bit now and I know many of you have been using it regularly and you have many questions for the IE team. Fortunately for us, Dean Hachamovitch, the VP of IE (and a big fan of Channel 9 and Niner nation), wants to know what you want to know about IE9.

    This thread is therefore dedicated to you and your questions. I will take my camera and your questions/feedback to Dean's office and Channel 9 will happen Smiley 

    Like me, many of you are not shy about expressing your opinions (this is an excellent quality!). In this case, please do me a big favor and just ask quesitons or provide constructive feedback. Let's keep this thread very focused:questions for Dean about IE9.

    Dean is very excited to engage with you so please take advanage of this opportunity for you to drive a thoughtful, constructive, intelligent conversation about the future of browsing the web on Windows with the leader of IE. Dean is an engineer, so you can ask technical questions, too.

    On behalf of Dean, the IE team and Channel 9, thank you Niners!


    Ask questions,