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    Q: Now that it appears that the basis for combining the tab and address bar into single row was based on statistics with confounding variables (such as PS3 below), insufficient metrics to measure workflow and UI usability/use efficiency and obviously lack of data to compare to from a "combined rows" dataset, what is the IE teams response to customer feedback such as below, and can we expect a fix (ability to have the bars on different "rows") for RTM?

    Here's all I got to say (see image). As you can see I haven't even tried to install the IE9 beta yet after seeing this blocking bug discussed - I need more space for both address and tab bars rather than less on my CRT which I won't be parting from until there's a better than CRT tech in every way (high DPI 0 latency OLED/SED if we ever see such at reasonable price). I'll keep using the previews until this is fixed or the team/someone can convince me of "a better way using less tabs" that's so efficient compared to my old way that the time taken to learn the new way is quickly saved (have you measured the new tab workflow is that much better? I suspect the inefficiencies in the "lots of tabs" case swamp the benefits gained from having both in same row). This seems to fall to the same category of moves as moving keys around on a keyboard or an instrument for sake of newness/style:


    (Window was purposefully resized to show how it's not more efficient to access tabs through yet another click/hover dropdown list. And what if all the tabs were same icons and titles began with same words like in some forums - you couldn't tell what tab was what without the dropdown/hovering when the space for the text in the tab is too small!)All tabs things...


    PS. Skeptic in me says this "lock tabs+address bar into same row" issue is a management/marketing move -> Create a problem which will create ton of feedback -> fix the bug in RTM -> enjoy all the "IE team listens to customers!" feedback. More likely scenario is that that marketing wanted them on single row and the feature of moving them around was not yet written

    PS2. I realize there's the "ultra widescreen argument" in which case there's possibly reasonable amount of space for the tabs. So show me your widescreen and I'll show you a 4:3 computer CRT that does things that digital & native.res displays can't do that IMO are more important! And what about the users who pivot the monitor for say coding?

    PS3. Maybe, just maybe, people have just couple tabs most of the time because there already isn't enough space for them without severely limiting the amount of title text shown in a tab, title text that's used to determine the window contents without taking other action besides glancing at the tab text. So maybe tab use in single window is being "subconsciously limited". Did the measurements account for this possibility? I seriously suspect this and it makes the whole statistic flawed. The stats could be arguing FOR MORE SPACE FOR TAB BAR!