Embarcadero just annouced Delphi XE2, it has a new ui framework called FireMonkey, it is based on VGScene/DXScene which bought by Embarcadero some time ago.

VGScene is a 'Powerful vector engine like Adobe Flash or Microsoft WPF', so you get the idea.

FireMonkey is a cross-platform application framework that uses GPU-Accelerated vector graphics to render its UI, D2D/D3D on Windows and OpenGL on OSX. similiar to Silverlight OOB or Jupiter.

FireMonkey works on Windows/OSX/iOS, and may support Linux/Android in the future, more platforms than Silverlight OOB.

FireMonkey uses the Delphi (object pascal) language, which is much leaner and cleaner than C++, quite similiar to C#, but compiles to NATIVE-CODE, high-level language + native performace, combines the best of both (C++/C#) world.

And the Delphi IDE/designers is always an excellent RAD tool.

Cool stuff huh. Tongue Out