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View Thread: Democrat and Republican lambasted Apple for working the system in a way they said was unfair, if not unpatriotic.
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    - "I would hope this turns out to be a great teaching lesson on how dysfunctional the architecture of our tax system is," he ( Gary Hufbauer) continued. "But it's more likely that we'll learn an easier lesson: That Apple is being a bad boy." (

    I'm not saying I'm happy about the situation, but I can't really formulate any anger over a company (or an individual) that avoids taxes legally. If the system is broke, fix the system, don't complain that someone has exploited it to their advantage. That's human nature, and not necessarily a bad thing. Now, if they find that Apple has illegally avoided taxes, that will be a different game all together, and I'll join you in you're ire and indignation.