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    , vesuvius wrote

    @ScanIAm: don't be expecting any complex reasoning, thus far I have seen nothing to indicate anything apart from a passionate and respectable proclivity for FREE.

    Honorable chap though.

    It's interesting that the freetards will lap up anything produced by Google despite the fact that their core products are all proprietary.

    Want to talk about vendor lock-in? Have fun migrating your system to any other platform after locking yourself into GAE and BigTable. Not only are you locked into the software, you're locked into the infrastructure.

    With Azure, you can at least migrate the bulk of your work to your own hardware if you get tired of renting the infrastructure from Microsoft.

    So, it's clear to me that fanbaby is more interested in "free as in gratis" than he is in "free as in freedom".

    Either that or he's clueless about the implications of using GAE when it comes to vendor lock-in.