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Developer Preview Runtimes - Visual C++ 11

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    Hello! At first, I want to apologize for my bad English - I am Russian, and it is hard to write on English for me, the more so I am totally newbie at the Channel 9. So, there is one problem (or more likely a question). Nowadays I am exploring a Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview. It contains the newest Visual C++ 11 Runtimes. All I know about it is just a version (11.0.40825). But I need to install this package on the PC without installed Visual Studio 11 - I need an autonomy *.msi for the distributive of these runtimes only. Please, if you know, tell me, where can I download it? It will be fine if the package contains x86-compatible version of these libraries.

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    I don't think the C++ runtimes for VC++ 11 are available standalone, since there is currently no go-live license for it and it's heavily subject to change. It might be possible to extract it from within the full preview installation somewhere, but it's probably best to just stick to testing on machines which have the dev tools installed for now.

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    The redistributables are in <drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC.

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