, JoshRoss wrote

Watching Windows Phone announcements is like watching Helen Keller at a PiƱata party. I'm not sure if I should be crying, laughing, or just waiting for the candy to come out.


I'm sure Nokia would sell more current generation Lumias now, after all it worked with simbian (selling a platform with no future that is) Sad 


My thoughts:

  • Silverlight R.I.P (I'm happy that it wont be in the web anymore, and i'm sorry for the naive Silverlight Windows Phones developers)
  • Watching the tragedy of Elop taking Nokia to the ground is sad Sad
  • What does Microsoft stand for?
  • MS Employees, where is your rebellion against the poor management with no values. Watching Ballmer talk makes me go WFT! same as wacthing Elop. A technology company run by an MBA spells BIG trouble (who know what'll happen with apple)