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    Hiya C9!

    The small company I work for has installed codebases in Access 2003 and VS2005/.NET 2.0 (C#, I'm the C# guy, we do winforms and ASP.NET), both of which talk to SQL 2000. My question for anon is where should the company put their eggs going forward?

    The death of access has been predicted for years but doesn't seem to be happening. On the other hand I'm not real sanguine about the future of .NET either. Microsoft gives us 10 years in each development paradigm--we had 10 years in DOS, 10 years in COM and now we're at about that point with .NET.

    Wat do? Leave both sets of codebases alone and continue on with both access and .NET until the market isn't in such a state of flux? Migrate access to something else? Migrate .NET elsewhere? Wait to see what happens with winRT and the enterprise?