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    I hadn't tried 1 or 2 before trying this beta and well it felt very watered down/streamlined game play and graphics felt like if you had a generic/bland concept art and tweaked it a lot in attempt to feel like less generic. I was much more impressed by WoW when I trialed that couple years ago both art direction and gameplay wise.

    It's possible this beta just didn't really give enough to fully appreciate what's so great about this game. I think it felt too easy all around. I guess it could be great for like first time gamer, so in business sénse the difficulty is ok but this beta should've had some harder options. I think there could be potential for fun but honestly it felt like you could play eyes closed and not have died (provided the monsters were properly 3d positioned in headphones - in FPS I used to fire rockets long before I saw the players coming by just listening carefully).

    More depth and personal challenge into the gameplay and maybe enbseries for improving the graphics, then I might get interested. It's quite shocking how much value enbseries can add with the right shaders - Skyrim went from almost bland to one of the best looking games ever with just few shaders. (enbseries is just one of the directx hooks that add further fx-post process shaders, you need finely tuned shaders and palette maps to get the value out of it)