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View Thread: Didn't know IE usage had dropped so much...
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    , Harlequin wrote

    @figuerres: Problem is the browser/OS backwards compatibility is lacking for Microsoft, and it's both their own products working together.

    XP - Can't run IE9/IE10
    Vista - Can't run IE10
    Win7 - IE10 Release Preview

    The newest Chrome can run on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

    This is probably why Chrome is growing so much.

    I 100% agree that Microsoft needs to get IE10 running on at least windows vista *MINIMUM*

    XP ?  Personally not so sure - but probably they should do it just to keep the bad rep down.

    my post was to the "Not able to run on 7"  the OP did not even mention that this is in the works.

    so I was just pointing out that you *CAN* run it - yes they need to get it to a general release already.

    funny - like I posted a short while back we have feedback but it can also be a complaint ... lol.

    ok I will stop now.