I found these statements pretty interesting coming from the Office group. 

"It's a significant opportunity," he says. "I think the mistake would be to take what we have today on the desktop and somehow make it work in the Windows 8 environment. Over time, we will have to re-engineer the Office products — re-imagine them in new ways."

Hough points out that both OneNote and Lync run in the Windows 8 environment. Eventually the Office team will take what it's learning from those apps and apply it to a new Office suite that's designed from the start for Windows 8 — which he says Microsoft will definitely ship someday."

Does it mean that Microsoft now sees content creation apps going the way of Windows 8 Store apps? I thought people here are saying the desktop isn't going anywhere? Maybe that's true but it sounds like the Microsoft is moving it's desktop apps away from the desktop and on to WinRT. If anything it would be great if this would finally answer what Microsoft's end-game with Windows is. I'd hope that they'd find a way to extend WinRT to the desktop and allow for both full-screen and traditional windows desktop experiences. Full article.